Ongoing studies

Currently, we are running the following studies and we are looking for people to participate:

    Feel free to contact us if you’re willing to help out with one of these studies or perhaps a future study.

    Sydney, Australia

    The experience of a museum visit

    This study requires you to visit the Nicholson Museum, located on the University of Sydney campus. After your visit, which can be as as short or long as you prefer, the researcher would like to interview you about your experience during the visit, in particular, whether the visit had any relation to or triggered you to think about your own past.

    For more info, contact the researcher: Nataliya Tarbeeva (

    Five-month deployment of Phototype, an interactive photo display

    This study will involve a five-month deployment of a prototype device in your home and include two interviews (both lasting approximately 1 hour). The first meeting (at the start of the five-month period) will primarily focus on explaining the device and setting it up. During the deployment you are welcome to contact the researcher at any point if you have questions or concerns. The midterm and final interviews will explore your experiences of having the device in your home. For this study we are interested in learning about how people respond to having the interactive photo display device in their home.

    You might be inconvenienced by the time required to be involved in this study, but no other harm is likely to result from your participation. The prototype device does not expose a risk beyond that inherent to other comparable electronic devices. During the interviews, you may be asked to relate personal memories, and (if willing) answer questions about these memories. In addition, some of the members of your household may be exposed to this device as well.

    For more info, contact the researcher: Doménique van Gennip (

    Eindhoven, the Netherlands

    If you are interested to contribute to a future study, please let us know.

    Dundee, UK

    If you are interested to contribute to a future study, please let us know.

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