Ongoing studies

Currently, we are running the following studies and we are looking for people to participate:

    Feel free to contact us if you’re willing to help out with one of these studies or perhaps a future study.

    Dundee, UK

    If you are interested to contribute to a future study, please let us know.

    Eindhoven, the Netherlands

    Trying Out New Concepts for Reflection in Everyday Life (study in June / July)

    Thinking about past, present and future experience; we all have such moments of contemplation, each in our own way. Engaging with reflection regularly can help to achieve goals, to gain self-insight and can have a positive effect on personal well-being. But reflecting can also be challenging. For some, a personal conversation can help, for others, it might be a walk in the forest or writing in a diary. Such different methods and tools can provide support for reflection. As part of the project Materialising Memories we are developing new interactive products that could support reflection. This research is part of the PhD research of Ine Mols at the Eindhoven University of Technology and University of Technology Sydney. Currently, we are looking for people who are interested in participating in this research.

    We have currently developed three new concepts for this purpose. These products use different types of media to support reflection: with Balance we explore personal audio messages, with Cogito we explore reflection through text and Dott uses visual media for reflection. To further develop these concepts we are looking for feedback.

    F.l.t.r. Concepts Cogito, Balance and Dott

    Are you interested in experiencing how different forms of reflection could work for you? We kindly invite you to try these concepts. Participants are asked to try all three products consecutively, each for a period of approximately two weeks. After each product we would like to briefly interview you about your experience.

    Are you interested? Please contant Ine Mols at,  the responsible PhD student at TU/e. We will then send you more information after which you can decide if you want to participate.

    Sydney, Australia

    If you are interested to contribute to a future study, please let us know.

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