This page lists all the major events around the Materialising Memories project, including events we have organised and those that have taken place in our lab.

Upcoming events

  • (Biweekly) Group meetings, called Réunion de Recherche (RR), to which everyone is welcome. Let us know if you would like to receive announcements for this.
  • (2022-05-26) Exploring Self-reflective Experiences through Tangible Interaction with Personal Lifelog Data, a talk by A./Prof. Young-Woo Park. See here for more info.

Project highlights


  • (2019-05-25) Talk at Sydney’s Vivid Ideas by Elise, Laurie Miller, and Daniel Orth.


  • (2018-10-24) DDW Drive festival will feature a segment on MM, with Elise, Gail, and Doménique presenting.
  • (2018-10-23) Most of the MM members will gather in Eindhoven for a final workshop together.
  • (2018-10-22) Oral PhD defence of Mendel Broekhuijsen at Eindhoven University of Technology.
  • (2018-10-16) Oral PhD defence of Annemarie Zijlema at Eindhoven University of Technology.
  • (2018-07-09) Start of Gail’s and Doménique’s researchers contracts that will run until mid 2019.
  • (2018-06-14) Annemarie Zijlema and Doménique van Gennip participated in the FEIT Research Showcase with a poster and presentation.
  • (2018-05-03) Doménique van Gennip successfully defended his PhD at Eindhoven University of Technology as part of completing the joint PhD program.
  • (2018-04-10) Daniel Herron completed his Candidature Assessment Stage 3 at UTS, in preparation of his thesis submissions later in the year.
  • (2018-03-13) Candidature Assessment Stage 1 presentation by Nataliya Tarbeeva.


  • (2017-11-09) Live panel discussion ‘Take care to repair’ with (among others) Annemarie Zijlema at the online Disruptive Innovation Festival (
  • (2017-11-08 till 2017-11-10) Paper presentation by Annemarie Zijlema at the PLATE (Product Lifetimes and the Environment) conference (Delft).
  • (2017-07-24) Candidature Assessment Stage 3 presentation by Doménique.
  • (2017-06-06) Candidature Assessment Stage 3 presentation by Annemarie Zijlema
  • (2017-01-03/06) Paper and poster presentations by Annemarie Zijlema at SARMAC XII 2017.


  • (2016-12-23) Xenia Zürn completed her research semester with us.
  • (2016-11-30 till 2016-12-02) Presentations by Daniel Orth, Annemarie Zijlema, and Mendel Broekhuijsen at OzCHI 2016 (Tasmania)
  • (2016-11-29) Workshop at OzCHI 2016: Tangible Interaction & Cognition
  • (2016-11-08) Start of two-week visit and talk by prof. Kristin Beeler of Long Beach City College.
  • (2016-10-23) Workshop at NordiCHI 2016: HCI and Sensitive Life Experiences.
  • (2016-10-11) Start of two-month visit and talk by Geke Ludden of UT Twente.
  • (2016-10-04) Talk by prof.dr. Ben Schouten of TU/e Industrial Design.
  • (2016 September) Xenia and Ashlyn started their projects with MM.
  • (2016 September) Doménique attended and presented at ECCE’16.
  • (2016 May-July) Daniel Herron once more visited Sydney as part of his joint degree.
  • (2016 June) Several MM members attended and presented at DIS’16.
  • (2016-05-31) Laura and Daniel Orth passed their yearly UTS Doctoral Assessments.
  • (2016-05-27) Gail Kenning invited to participate in a Memory and Making panel discussion at the UTS Art Gallery.
  • (2016 May) Most of us in Sydney have moved over to FEIT in UTS’ building 11.
  • (2016 February) Some of us attended, presenting at, and prepared for the conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction (TEI’16).
  • (2016 January) Elise commences her new position as Professor in the School of Software at UTS, in the Faculty of Engineering and IT.


  • (2015 December) Laura, Joe, Ine, Mendel, Daniel and Elise participated in the OzCHI’15 conference in Melbourne, including several workshop papers, two Doctoral Consortium papers, one full paper, and participation in a panel session.
  • (2015 Nov/Dec) Five Materialising Memories PhD students did their yearly UTS Doctoral Assessments.
  • (2015 November) Joe presented at the IASDR’15 conference, in Brisbane, Australia.
  • (2015 September) Elise gave a keynote at the CHI New Zealand conference, in Hamilton, New Zealand.
  • (2015 August) Our Visiting Fellow, Xiaomei He, started this month in Sydney.
  • (2015-06-30) Guest talk by Annika Hinze of University of Waikato, NZ.
  • (2015 May) Wendy will visit Industrial Design, TU/e.
  • (2015 May) Gail will visit Industrial Design, TU/e.
  • (2015 April) Doménique and Panos were in Seoul, Korea for CHI 2015, where Doménique presented a full paper and both participated in a workshop.
  • (2015 April) Elise gave a keynote at the first CHIuXiD conference, in Bandung, Indonesia.
  • (2015 March-2016 March) Joe Tsai PhD moved to Australia to spend his one-year Postdoctoral Fellowship (and a DAB Visiting Fellow) in the Materialising Memories programme.
  • (2015 March-June) Jan Zekveld from Eindhoven University begins his three-month visit at UTS to work on his final MSc project within the MM programme. He kicked off the first research meeting by giving a presentation on his graduation project.
  • (2015 February-March) Daniel Herron from Dundee University visits UTS as part of his joint degree programme.
  • (2015-02-23) Two new students started this day, Laura Ramos (PhD) and Daniel Orth (MRes). Both will pursue their degree at UTS.
  • (2015 January-March) Annemarie, Doménique, and Gail Kenning spent time in Eindhoven to collaborate.
  • (2015 January) Doménique, Elise, and Panos got their first paper written together accepted into the CHI 2015 conference.


  • (2014 November) Three new programme members are welcomed to Materialising Memories: Dr Gail Kenning, Dr Wendy Moncur and Daniel Herron BSc.
  • (2014-11-10) Daniel Herron BSc. started his PhD as part of the Materialising Memories programme, supervised by Dr Wendy Moncur & Elise van den Hoven. He is based primarily in Dundee’s DJCAD.
  • (2014-09-26) Mini-symposium with Doctoral Assessments for all four PhD candidates, followed by a talk by Dr Corina Sas (Lancaster University, UK). More info on the September events can be found on a special page.
  • (2014 September-October) Talk by Dr Wendy Moncur (Dundee University, UK) visited the Materialising Memories lab (UTS) and gave a public talk (2014-09-16).
  • (2014 August-September) Talk by David Blezinger, MSc visited the Materialising Memories lab (UTS) and gave a public talk (2014-09-09).
  • (2014-August-September) Berry Eggen (TU/e, Industrial Design) visited the Materialising Memories lab (UTS) and gave a public talk (2014-09-02).
  • (2014 July) First PhD paper accepted for a conference: Ine Mols will go to NordiCHI’14.
  • (2014-03-27) Transporter Talks #3 – Social events for local researchers in HCI and Design.
  • (2014 February) The Materialising Memories research programme gets a new home at UTS: the Materialising Memories lab.
  • (2014 January) Connie Golsteijn, PhD student at the University of Surrey, UK, visited UTS as part of her thesis preparation.



  • (2012 December) The hunt for the first four PhD candidates begins.
  • (2012-11-12) VIDI project started.
  • (2012-06-08) STW VIDI grant of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) was awarded to Elise van den Hoven.