Privacy policy

As part of our research and publications, we obtain, store, and publish data. This data may include personally identifiable information, such as names, phone numbers, and sometimes personal photographs, and audio and video recordings.

We handle our information in accordance with the strict guidelines set by the universities we work with. This means that personally identifiable information is only used to contact participants or otherwise make it possible to get back to people. All data used for research purposes, such as analysis and publications, is de-identified. This means the data, even when made public, cannot be traced back to the person who shared this data with us. To help us with this, the research data and personal information (including consent forms stating one’s name) are stored separately. Tracing back data to a particular person thus requires the consent form and a list of participant numbers.

Storage of data is done with the intent to keep it secure from outside view and tampering. Data is stored encrypted where possible, with appropriate digital backups. For physical data, we ensure this data is kept in a locked cabinet and usually in a limited-access environment. If you have participated in a study and would like to see the data we have kept on file, please contact us.

We do reserve the right to publish data (on our website, academic publications, and otherwise) as long as we ensure this data remains de-identified. Some projects may have downloadable data files published on this website to benefit the research community and public in general.

Any comments left on the website are stored in an internet-connected database, visible to all visitors, and should be considered public. Of course, we shall never publish email addresses or other information not visible on the website itself.