UTS magazine interview with Elise

The October issue of U:mag, the primary paper magazine of the University of Technology, Sydney, features a nice interview with project leader Elise van den Hoven. Interviewed by Fiona Livy, she talks about the reasons for starting the Materialising Memories project, as well as the challenges we all face when it comes to our digital content.

“You can’t put memories in a device; they can only stay in your head because they’re yours, they’re personal and they keep on changing. A lot of people still think if you take a photograph you ‘catch’ the memory, which is nonsense. I’m looking at how we can shape our environments to support remembering better.”

It’s a good read, so if you happen to be near UTS head for a stand and pick up a copy of the latest U:mag. Everyone else, fear not: the article is also available online and we have a digital copy of the interview in U:mag ready for download as well (alternatively, you can view the full magazine in digital format). If you like the project and you happen to be around Eindhoven or Sydney, feel free to join as a participant for studies we’ll be doing in the future. Just let us know via the Contact page.

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